After the hectic summer, numerous homeowners seek a way to clean the carpet using a steam cleaner in Naperville to eliminate the dust and remove stains during the holidays where families and guests come to the house. You can always hire a professional carpet cleaners near Bolingbrook to clean the carpets; however, cleaning it is actually not a difficult task after all. After you put the furniture aside, prepared the room, and vacuumed it; you will be surprised that it actually goes slightly fast. In addition, you get the as impressive results as the professional service. It sounds promising, is not it? Hold on, there are few things to keep in mind when you use steam cleaning.

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What is Carpet Steam cleaning?

The word steam cleaning differentiates the conventional water based cleaning method from cleaning it using dry chemical compound that usually used by professional companies. However, it is not actually the steam which is used to clean the carpet; but it uses the steam from hot water and the detergent. This is the common method to steam clean the carpet which is used by professional companies or when you rent or purchase the steam machine. The truth about steam cleaning is that it does not actually require professional help which means you can do it on your own. Moreover, the steaming method also does not have toxic contains and risks from eth dry chemical cleanser. Yet, it usually takes longer before the carpet is fully ready to be stepped on since it involves water. Regardless the waiting time, people consider that this method is quite effective to remove stains and odors.
Before Steaming – also known as carpet shampoo, the carpet steam cleaner is different from vacuum. It is originally used to wash and make the carpet half dry. If you aim to get the entire dirt out from the carpet; it is recommended to vacuum it first before steaming. First of all, you need to get rid of any things on the carpet such as toys, books, and other items. Also, you need to remove the furniture which stands on the carpet or at least you remove smaller items. Moreover, you need to dust the baseboards and then vacuuming the carpet in two directions to ensure that the each side of the fiber is cleaned. The second thing, you need to treat visible stains; even though the steam cleaner will also eliminate the stains and dusts, however, the heat during the process somehow makes the stains more difficult to remove.


Steam Carpet Cleaning Process

If you are worry about the manufacturer’s warranty; you can follow manufacturer’s manual instructions. However, if you find that the manufacturer’s product appears to be highly perfumed and trigger asthma and allergies; you can consider making your own recipe. You can use a mixture of 50:50 white vinegar and hot or almost boiling water. It can help to remove and neutralizing the soap.
When you are cleaning the carpet, make sure that you pull the machine extremely slow to make you able to get plenty water. If there is too much water left on the carpet; it can cause the carpet to get soaked and make mold grow as well as cause horrible odors.
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At Windy City Steam Carpet Cleaning they are committed to creating a clean and healthy environment for your family and pets through their use of eco-friendly cleaning products. Their goal is to provide the most complete carpet cleaning services while protecting the environment we all live in. Their customers feel confident knowing their carpets and furnishings are thoroughly clean and fresh while enjoying the knowledge that there are no harmful toxins being introduced into the environment in the process.

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Just as there are many different types of floor coverings, there are different methods and processes required to clean them. They analyze each job and tailor their cleaning approach to each situation. They listen to your needs and expectations and work to make sure your customer satisfaction is 100%. Cleaning Green means that They use Bio-Kleen eco-friendly products in their steam extraction carpet cleaning services. This ensures a deep, thorough clean with no residue left behind. There are no harmful toxins or fumes in our processes. Environmentally safe, our products leave your home naturally clean with a light citrus scent that is completely safe for children and pets.

Call them today to discover the healthful difference it means to Clean Green!

Windy City Steam

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Residential Carpet Cleaning Systems are perfectly suited to the unique cleaning needs of your Naperville home. They offer several methods of cleaning; steam cleaning, hot water extraction, low moisture cleaning, dry cleaning.

  • Wall to Wall Carpet Cleaning
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Carpet Repair
  • Mattress Cleaning.
  • Auto | Boat | RV Cleaning (carpet & upholstery)
  • Odor Control (cat odor, dog odor, pet odor)
  • Color Repair (spot dyeing_
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Grout Color Sealing
  • Hardwood Floor Restoration
  • Pressure Washing
  • Flood Damage Restoration

Experts in all methods of fine fabric, furniture and upholstery cleaning, all fabric types and fabric constructions as well as the most unusual soiling conditions. Their highly trained technicians will recommend the cleaning method or methods which they feel will provide you the best results based on your fiber or fabric’s specific needs.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Naperville, IL

Windy City Steam Commercial Carpet Cleaning is perfectly suited to the unique cleaning needs of your Naperville Illinois business.

  • * Very Low Moisture cleaning systems are ideal for 24/7 facilities, where “drying downtime” is an inconvenient loss of revenue. (Dries in Minutes! Not hours or days!)
  • * Leaves no sticky residue, eliminates rapid re-soiling.
  • * No excessive heat. No artificial optical brighteners, no over wetting, and no wick backs. (damaging to your expensive carpet)
  • * Lifts and restores matted pile.
  • * Environmentally friendly, non toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous, no butyl, no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).
  • * Peace and Quiet – machine is quieter than a vacuum cleaner. Avoids disturbing clients, the public and employees.
  • * No trip and fall hazards from hoses.

* also offer eco-friendly “Steam Cleaning” to the Naperville and greater dupage areas


Experts in all methods of fine fabric, furniture and upholstery cleaning, all fabric types and fabric constructions as well as the most unusual soiling conditions. Our highly trained technicians will recommend the cleaning method or methods which they feel will provide you the best results based on your upholstery’s specific needs.

A house is a place that individuals need to keep perfect and sound. They should consider various things when they are cleaning their home all alone or having the expert administration’s deal with it for them. Tile cleaning can incorporate numerous ranges of the home.

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When somebody considers getting tiling cleaned in their home, they may think about the deck. This can incorporate floors in the washroom, kitchen, and numerous different territories. Tiles are something that will be exceptionally tough and less demanding to keep clean than covering is.


A considerable lot of the cleaners that are being utilized can leave a deposit that is horrible to the general population around it. This incorporates pets and youthful kids too. A few individuals will procure an expert to clean these territories for them, however.


They will have numerous alternatives for this, however. The sorts of cleaners that are being utilized ought to be contemplated. Not all organizations are going to utilize something that will be alright for everybody to be around.


In any case, when pets and children lay on your floor covering they are drawing near to unsafe particles, and incessant vacuuming can likewise convey them near your rug surface, without uprooting can bring about distinctive sensitivities and aggravations. Careful rug cleaning done by the specialists it evacuates all these hurtful particles for solid and clean floor and stress no more in giving you’re a chance to your kids draw near to.




The advantages of floor covering cleaning are that it diminishes the measure of allergens in your home. Floor covering pulls in pieces and bits that go through the window that tumble from your shoes or enter in your home in such a variety of ways. Floor covering is only a channel because of the way that it holds every one of those components cozy inside its strands.


Expert rug cleaners are specialists in expelling soil and stains from the floor covering, and it will drag out the lifespan of your covering, it will keep up the appearance and spare you extra cash, these are an advantages’ percentage of rug cleaning.




Survey Customer’s Feedback Online – This is an awesome approach to have entry to important data about the numerous rug cleaners in your city or town. These days, there are sites that empower the clients to rate and give criticism on the administrations of numerous neighborhood organizations. This is extraordinary to share data and also to serve as a notice or suggestion relying upon the sort of administration that the organization has advertised. Looking at these surveys and input would be exceptionally helpful with the goal that you can know which cover cleaners have high evaluations that you could then shortlist in your hunt.


Check with Friends and Neighbors – Another way that you can discover some data on which cover cleaning organizations can furnish you with the administrations you are checking so as to search for is with companions and neighbors in your general vicinity. This is a decent method for getting valuable data as to which organizations they have utilized and which ones would they prescribe for you to attempt. This is a straightforward method for getting valuable subtle elements with the goal that you don’t need to procure a cleaning organization aimlessly.


Consider the representatives


When you contract floor covering cleaners, you’re giving outsiders access to your home. Make a point just to contract an organization that screens its representatives and behaviors personal criminal investigations. A quality rug cleaning organization ought to assume liability for its representatives and offer some kind of reparation if the floor covering or your assets are harmed amid the cleaning process
Avoid the lowest price option

Sure, you want to save money, but when it comes to carpet cleaning, the company with the lowest price may not be the best choice.

Sometimes these companies offer a low price simply to get a foot in the door. Once they come to your home, they’ll identify many other issues to upsell and get you to buy more expensive services. Make the decision based on quality and recommendations first, and consider price as a secondary option.